Synopsis: A dark comedy about a sound engineer who is forced to record a flutist that he thinks is terrible, except that everyone else disagrees.

Running time: 05:00

Budget: 4 pizzas

Production: Imperial College TV

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Location: U.K.

Year: 2014


Tiberiu Chis
Jonathan Masters
Max Falkenberg McGillivray
Sophie Stromback


Directed, Written, and Story By
Fahdi Kanavati
Produced By
Fahdi Kanavati
Peter Owen Brook
Music by
Director of Photography
and Visual Effects
Fahdi Kanavati
1st AD
Ferogh Ishan
Production Assistants
Don Ma
Vanya Zheludev
Diljot Grewal
Alex Ionnou
Camera Operator
Alex Ionnou